Henry Miller Quotes from Tropic of Capricorn
George Orwell on Henry Miller: Inside the Whale
Henry Miller Quotes from Tropic of Cancer
Henry Miller Quotes from Black Spring
Henry Miller Collectibles
Kenneth Rexroth: The Reality of Henry Miller
Miller is My Epigraph
Henry Miller at Literary Traveler
The Henry Miller Library at Big Sur
Introduction: I want to make a detour
Introduction: The Revolution of the Word
Introduction: Ulysses, Order, and Myth
Introduction: The Genealogy of the Modernist Canon
Introduction: I want to make a detour - Notes
Georg Lukacs, The Theory of the Novel
The Meta-Fiction of the Novel
George Eliot, Middlemarch
Henry James, The Future of the Novel
Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms
Transforming and Relegitimating the Historical Genre
Gramsci, The Modern Prince
Van Wyck Brooks, A Usable Past
The Historical Genre: Crititical and Practical Discourse - Notes
Charles Feidelson, Symbolism and American Literature
New Criticism's Modernist Canon
M. M. Bakhtin, Discourse in the Novel
T. S. Eliot, Edmund Wilson, Malcolm Cowley
I. A. Richards, Psychological Theory of Value
Modernist Symbolism: Ulysses and Moby-Dick
Stuart Gilbert, James Joyce's Ulysses
T. S. Eliot: Ulysses, Order, and Myth
James Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Eugene Jolas: transition, Poetry is Vertical
M. M. Bakhtin: The Forms of Time and Chronotrope in the Novel
Peter Brooks: Reading for the Plot
Symbolism, Point of View, and Mythic Structure
New Critical Symbolism
Henry James on Joseph Conrad
New Critical Point of View
A Welter of Crisscrossed Tracks
Mythic Method and the Shape of the Story
Northrop Frye: Anatomy of Criticism
We have no need for genius--genius is dead.
Walter Benjamin: The Storyteller
Henry Miller's Paris Narratives
Nothing is diminished by being historicized
The Hegemony of New Critical Modernism - Notes
Only the myth lives in myth
Theodore Dreiser: Twelve Men
Michael Fraenkel: Write as you talk, I told him.
The age demands violence
Emerson and Whitman
My voice goes after what my eyes cannot reach
Tropic of Cancer's Genito-Urinary System
Otto Rank: Art and Artist.
Paris is simply an artificial stage
Mister Nonentity
Oscar Wilde: The Portrait of Dorian Gray
Not a Stable Equilibrium, but a Fluid Imbalance
The Pure Flux and Rotation of Events
Miller and the Emerging Modernist Canon - Notes
Frank Kermode: Puzzles and Epiphanies
Kermode on Miller: Continuous Movement
Literature: Language as a System of Social Evaluations
Jack Kahane, Ezra Pound, Tropic of Cancer
Narrative Detours: Strategy and Device - Notes
Cleo dances every night!
Black Spring: Burlesk
Meet the Mythical World with Cunning and High Spirits
The Rogue, the Clown and the Fool
D. H. Lawrence: Studies in Classic American Literature
I'm a man, not a louse
A world without hope, but no despair
I. A. Richards: The Principles of Literary Criticism
Tragedy: Equilibrium of Ironical Contemplation
Burlesque Sarcasm and Satire
Swimming in an Ideological Ether
They will make Joyce palatable, understandable
Get off the gold standard of literature
Burlesque v. Irony - Notes
We walk split into myriad fragments
The cancer of time is eating us away
T. S. Eliot: The Waste Land
Crazy Cock, Germaine, Mademoiselle Claude
The Faubourg St. Germain
A Man Cut in Slices!
Narrative Method vs. Mythic Method
Spots of Time in a Cosmos-on the Flat
Unreal City
Intellectual trees - Like T. S. Eliot's verse.
Ulysses: Bloom's moist tender gland
Ulysses: the grey sunken cunt of the world
The Angel is My Watermark
Gertrude Stein: Three Lives
The Crack: an Arabian zero
Ulysses is like vomit spilled by a delicate child
Anecdote v. Image - Notes
I love everything that flows
A crepuscular melange of all the cities of Europe and Central America
Cataclysmic in design
Veridic moments of time without space
Ahab's monomania
Oomaharumooma - Everything has to have a name
Jame Joyce, The great blind Milton of our times
Molly Bloom lying on a dirty mattress for eternity
Vaginal Laughter
The Humor of Rabelais and Joyce
Do anything, but let it yield ecstasy
To overthrow existing values
Diatribe v. Epiphany - Notes
Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood
A new Bible - The Last Book
Henry Miller's Narrative Modernism
The model for the age that Joyce and Stein are searching for
The Great Gatsby and Tropic of Capricorn
Narrative Detours: The Rhetoric of the Real - Notes
The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge
Oswald Spengler: The Decline of the West
Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company of North America
A nightmare producing the greatest misery of the greatest number
Daisy, her actual and astounding presence
Life drifting by the show window
The Great Gatsby: Owl-Eyes
In the chaos of Bloomingdale's there is an order
In Bloomingdale's I fall apart completely
Hurrying toward gayety and sharing their intimate excitement
The discourse of patriarchy: necessarily varied, protean
A generalized exchange of women
Enjoying nothing, desiring nothing but this power
Mara: She's America on foot, winged and sexed
A night scene by El Greco
Cleanth Brooks: Modern Poetry and the Tradition
Roseland: No Improper Dancing Allowed
Tack your womb up on my wall
Drowned in a deep mesh of words
Desire in the Waste Land - Notes
Munich Crisis of September 1938
Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch
The Rosy Crucifixion
Henry Miller, Michael Fraenkel: Hamlet Letters
Poor Richard's Almanac, Emerson's Essays, Walden
Henry Miller: Letters to Anais Nin
Walt Whitman: Song of Myself
Converting words into silence: acts rather than action
The word is light and the truth becomes flesh
History of a Voice or Autobiography of Self-liberation
Balancing at the edge of the abyss
The World of Sex
A clean exit, such as the Devil himself might make
The Last Book - Notes
In myth there is no life for us
Outside Modernism's narrow genealogy
Judgment is a matter of literary criticism, not literary history
The Novel is a shared rhetoric
The Problem of the Text: our moment in the discourse of the novel
Conclusion: Only the myth lives in myth - Notes