Miller is My Epigraph

What could possibly count as "news" these days about a Dead White Male Author?

In searching the web for "news" about Miller, I think I have discovered at least one answer in the bloggers who choose to quote from Henry Miller for their official weblog epigraph. After all, it's ever only readers that keep an author alive.

Here, then, are those I have found thus far: their sites, their epigraphs, and their five most recent blog entries, updated daily via Atom and RSS newsfeed.

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If you have a personal blog with a newsfeed that displays a quotation from Henry Miller as the "tagname" (Atom) or channel "description" (RSS) and want to be included here, write to "epigraph" at I'll try to oblige as many as I can. I found these through their news feeds at

Technical Note: If one of the above seems digital gibberish, consider broadening you computer's horizons a bit by loading the Chinese character sets. It's nice to feel part of the world, even if you can't understand it. Windows XP will oblige with an "East Asian Languages" checkbox at "Regional and Language Options" under "Control Panel." Linux is a bit more work. For example, for Fedora Core 3 you must manually install the appropriate ttfonts files: ttfonts-zh_TW and ttfonts-zh_CN for a start.

rri (January 17, 2005)

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